Unleash The Power Of Low-Noise Tunable Lasers

Pure Photonics is a provider of 1550nm Tunable Lasers with narrow 10kHz linewidth and ultra-low FM noise. It provides a revolutionary change in laser solutions for many specialty applications, where the choice was limited to bulky tunable lasers and expensive fixed wavelength lasers. Pure Photonics breaks the paradigm by providing tunability with a high-volume, small form-factor and low-cost product.

About Us

We provide a low-noise 1550nm external cavity tunable laser solution. Our core technology is built upon a volume-deployed telecom tunable laser, providing us excellent scalability, cost-structure and a validated performance, reliability and quality control.

Our Products

The Pure Photonics product portfolio is built around our ITLA based tunable laser with advance tuning features in low-noise mode. Our Clean Sweep, Clean Scan, Clean Jump and Clean Modulation features transform a proven tunable laser into an exceptional versatile tunable laser solution.

Our Services

To get the most competitve product out in the market, your tunable laser needs to be optimized for your application. We support our customers in selecting the best configuration for their needs and, where needed, provide customization services, designing to custom specifications.


The true power of tunabiltiy comes out when one can freely modify the laser. Our free software support (GUIs) provides convenient Windows-based control over the laser features. Our line-editor and RS-232 tutorial provides low-level control options.