Eigenlight In-Line Power Monitoring

Having a direct, accurate measurement of the power in an optical system is crucial both for scientific lab-applications and for deployed system applications. Power tap solutions are often-times high-loss and inherently don't measure the power in your system. The Eigenlight in-line power monitoring solutions (acquired by Neophotonics, distributed by Pure Photonics) provide direct in-fiber power measurement with higher accuracy, lower-loss and more compact form-factor. Other benefits are high dynamic range (60dB), high power capability (up to 26dBm) and high directivity (20dB).

Series 500

The series 500 products are ideal for lab applications, with a robust housing, clear display and optional digital interface. 

  • 60dB dynamic range
  • >20dB directivity
  • 1550/1480/1310nm

Series 100

The series 100 products are ideal for industrial applications and integration. They provide direct access to the photo-diode.

  • sub-nA dark current
  • >60dB dynamic range
  • Fully qualified and field proven


Based on the Eigenlight PD products, the array solutions provide multi-lane analog and digital detection. Single power supply and micro-USB.

  • 2, 4, 8 channel analog 
  • up to 32 channel digital
  • 60dB dynamic range