A tunable laser is a complex piece of technology that can initially be difficult to control. Pure Photonics makes it easy by making convenient control tools available to the users. This will speed-up the learning cycle and ensure that the customer can access the features with minimal effort. The following tools are available on this page:

The easiest way to access the special features of the Pure Photonics ITLA is to use the windows based GUIs, where the user can easily set the boundary conditions and monitor the performance.

We are happy to announce that the full suite of GUIs is available for free and includes all the major features, such as Clean Sweep, Clean Scan, Clean Jump, Firmware Upgrade, Calibration and Basic Settings.

GUI software suite  (release 49, 2 June 2018)

Beta release (release 51, 11 February 2019)

Command Line Interface

Command Line Interface software (release 3.0.2, now supporting CO-ports>9)


Refer to the communications guide for instructions.


Application Integration

Labview example 1 and 2 (currently Pure Photonics does not have a Labview license, hence maintenance of this code is not available. The code is pretty messy, but provides a good basis for building your own vi's)

Python example for RS-232 communication

C example

Matlab example



We are pleased to publish the latest Pure Photonics firmware loads:

CONSOLIDATED FW (, includes Clean Sweep, Clean Jump, No Drift calibration and Frequency hold)

Clean Scan (
No Drift ( - calibration required -


Note that these firmware versions only works on Pure Photonics products. If you have a NeoPhotonics product, please contact Pure Photonics for a complimentary upgrade to check out the new features.