Clean Light Product Offering

The Pure Photonics Clean Light products are characterized by a very low AM and FM noise level, making them ideal for applications with high Signal-to-Noise requirements, such as optical sensing and high-performance measurement.

Our PPCL200 generic product combines all available advanced features into one product and is an ideal starting point for exploring the capabilities of the device and to start integration into your product. Once a requirements document has been established a more targeted, cost-effective product can be defined for market introduction.

The following product features are available and/or under further development:

Clean Sweep

Mode-hop free frequency modulation with up to 300 GHz range (2.4nm) with  an arbitrary number of repeats. Custom patterns are possible. The product provides read-out of the actual frequency and provides both HW and SW indications of activity. 

An example of the capabilities is shown to the right. The frequency is detected with a 50GHz wavelocker and translated to frequency. The 300GHz sweep range is unique for a small form-factor narrow-linewidth tunable laser. 


Clean Modulation

Mode-hop free modulation at a frequency up to 75kHz and a range of up to 3GHz. The waveform pattern is defined by an external function generator. 


Clean Scan

 Up to 35nm scan over a full frequency band (C-band or L-band) in up to 25 separate sub-bands. The product provides both hardware and software indications to allow syncing to external components. 


Clean Jump

High-speed any-to-any frequency switching with stabilization within 2 second. For controlled frequencies, switching can be as fast as 0.1 seconds and allows accessing e.g. 10 frequencies over the full C-band within 1 second. Close syncing between internal and external system allows for making fast measurements and short delay times.

An example of addressing 9 frequencies over the C-band is shown below. Note that the laser stabilizes at each   frequency for 2 seconds. However, also observe that the laser operates in its target mode (when the blue line showing) within 0.1 seconds and at that point is within 1 GHz and 0.2dB from target. A longer stabilization time allows for operation closer to the target. 

Clean Measurement

Integrated on-product measurement DAQ solution with measurement of up to 2 channels with a 12-bit ADC. By combining this functionality with the above features a very powerful measurement solution is obtained.