Neophotonics Telecom Products

Focused on labs, universities and small volume production customers, Pure Photonics is making a range of Neophotonics' high performance telecom products available to these niche markets. With responsive and high quality technical support and an ability to commercially support logistics and payment constraints of these customers, we provide a valuable new service.

100G CFP.jpg

Coherent 100G CFP

•100Gbps DP-QPSK
•CFP Form-factor
•Hot Pluggable
•MSA compliant
•22,000 ps/nm dispersion
•LC Duplex
•RoHS Compliant 

100G CFP2.jpg

100G LR4 CFP-2

•10km transmission
•CFP-2 Form-factor
•Hot Pluggable
•MSA compliant
•CEI-28G-VSR and CAUI-4
•Integrated 4x28G transmitter and receiver
•Operating range 0-70C
•RoHS-6 compliant


MUX with vOAs

•AWG with VOA on each channel
•Digital control interface
•40  channels
•192.1 – 196.0 THz
•100GHz spacing
•Up to 15dB attenuation




Athermal AWG

•Wideband Arrayed Waveguide Grating
•Athermal over -5–60C
•191.2 – 196.10 THz
•C-band 100GHz spaced
•48 channels
     •Input 4 ribbons
     •Output  SMF LC
•<5dB Loss
•Fully passive


•MEMS based, SMF
•30dB attenuation range
•Transparent at 0V
•Small size
•Simple analog voltage drive
•Telcordia GR-1221 compliant
•Insensitive to shock and vibration

Integrated Coherent Receiver

•Integrated Coherent Receiver
•MSA compliant
•Suitable for 100G and 200G applications
•Type 1 and micro-ICR formfactor
•C- or L-band (type I)
•Optional VOA  (micro)